Internet plus thinking how to help textile enterprises healthy development?

2017-08-01 00:00

As the name suggests, the textile enterprise refers to a kind of service to humanity in the handicraft industry enterprises, spinning and weaving, clothing, decorative cover beauty, warm wind, insect body, is about the origin and development of the textile is an important motive.

In recent years, the textile market has a certain degree of impact, but the textile market of high-end custom just need steady growth, the development trend of high-end custom textile industry also has promoted the full of vigour, the textile industry to pick up. Online Textile City in 2015 exceeded 17 billion 500 million online trading, is expected to achieve 40 billion yuan in 2017 online trading volume.

Although the textile industry is currently in a good state of development, but the world-renowned electricity supplier promotion expert Qian Tangping (Note: money Tang Ping, well-known electricity supplier experts, successful hatching many well-known brands at home and abroad, has many years of experience. Earlier, in an interview, said, textile enterprises and their high-end custom textile there is a big difference, these differences are high-end custom textile advantages, but also high-end customized textile challenges. At present, the compliance of the textile industry is still in urgent need of improvement, on the one hand is to improve product quality compliance, on the other hand is the compliance of human production.

Challenge and opportunity coexist, how should traditional textile industry break through the inherent pattern and break through the tight encirclement, and become the problem that many textile industry urgently need to solve.

How to solve the problems faced by textile enterprises with internet thinking? Expert Qian Tangping believes that the integration of supply chain development, the formation of centralized orders, diversified procurement, focusing on distribution model, you can make the textile industry in the sun healthy development.

Qian Tangping believes that in the past the traditional textile enterprises higher cost of the Internet, and small and medium-sized textile enterprises may be unable to find a cheap network platform and the cost of network transportation. Network promotion mode and third party hosting can be said to be a development direction in the future, through a one-stop online cooperative mode, each link can open up the supply chain, not only reduces the cost of personnel management of textile enterprises, but also can be controlled on the quality of the products.

The rapid development of the Internet, traditional industry today faces many impact, especially in the textile industry, and a one-stop cooperation this Internet thinking innovation mode, can be said to be the traditional textile industry to meet the "Internet plus" development opportunities to broaden the thinking, a trip out of the new road. (source: China Textile Network)