Discussion on development strategy of flax industry in China

2017-08-09 15:54

The flax industry in our country is a kind of flax herb. It grows in the area of 37 "-55" at latitude 300 thousand. The output of flax fiber is about every year. Linen fiber used for spinning and weaving, in the world has 5000 years of history, because of its natural resources only account for 2% of all natural textile fibers, therefore, linen textile industry in the textile industry is an ancient and unique small industry. For our country, in the textile industry, most of the flax resources are concentrated in Heilongjiang Province, which makes our province have a unique resource advantage. Since 1952, China's first linen textile dyeing enterprises - Harbin linen textile factory, began to have China's linen textile industry. At that time, there were 13 linen raw materials plants matching it. Then, linen industry has formed a new and mysterious small industry in China's textile industry, making linen become one of the traditional textile exports of new china. 50 years, China's Linen Industry with other industries, has experienced the development process from small to big, from weak to strong.

And the discovery of flax fiber characteristics, along with the world's "flax fever" formation and development and expansion. In the period of 1984-1988 for the first time "the linen fever" in China's development of flax hasp to 74 thousand ingot, flax processing plant development to more than 30, the two crude flax fiber can be used in cotton spinning equipment. In addition to pure linen linen series, there are hemp / cotton blended cloth series, linen / polyester blended fabric series.