An important opportunity for the vertical development of Linen Industry

2017-08-09 15:53

Flax is a kind of flax and flax. It is classified as fiber type, oil type and sesame oil. At the beginning of 80s, the global rise of flax boom, Chinese around each introduction, South to Guangdong and Guangxi, West to Xinjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Chinese in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces of flax planting success. Especially the Xinjiang Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Yili because of its favorable growth of flax fiber richly endowed by nature natural conditions, promote the rapid development of China flax industry, linen become a local adjustment of industrial structure, the revitalization of rural economy is the main economic crops.

In the early twenty-first Century, flax expanded to Hunan, Yunnan, Zhejiang and other provinces and autonomous regions. At present, the planting areas are mainly located in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Ningxia. Because of the intersection of disciplines and the progress of science and technology, over the years, people have worked hard to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of flax crops, fully exploit the potential and space, and make their use permeate all aspects of human life. At present, the use of flax has not only stayed in the textile field, but also extended to many fields, such as food, feed, medicine, environmental protection building materials and so on. The multipurpose development of flax series products has begun to take shape.

This article mainly from the linen fiber, flax and flax in three aspects of China's linen products use the current situation of development and utilization were reviewed, aims to make people understand the development and utilization of flax multi-purpose products, to better promote the development of flax industry.